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Fractional Revenue Leadership

Increase sales and create a revenue center of a fraction of the cost of a traditional VP of Sales

Turn Your Passion Into Reality

Just getting started? We'll build your outbound engine and sell your first 2-3 customers. Guaranteed!

Customer Success Strategies

Don't just keep your customers. Grow them!
Our offerings are built to maximize net retention.

Get More Leads

Getting customer attention is harder than ever. Let us create your predictable revenue machine!

Bring Your Great Idea To Market

The challenge:
You built your MVP and have gotten positive response from potential investors and peers, but you need 5-10 customers to really prove the model and get initial traction. You want to put a repeatable process in place you can expand on, but aren't really sure where to start. in order to really get traction.

The solution:
Our "startup in a box" offering is streamlined to provide everything you need to get your initial set of customers. We'll provide the following:

  • Define your Ideal Customer
  • Create targeted messaging cadences that map to your solution
  • Put the tech stack in place to ensure your message gets sent and delivered successfully at scale
  • Execute cold calls and social media outreach when customers raise their hand
  • Assist with discovery calls and CRM to build and manage pipeline

Our system is designed to bring those first few customers in the door, so you can focus on building a great product. Once we've completed our engagement, we can stay on for the next phase, or help you raise money and hire a team to expand on our initial blueprint.

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Bring Your Revenue Machine To The Next Level

The challenge:
You have your first few customers, are headed towards product market fit, and are ready to scale. But these next steps are critical. Should you hire that expensive sales pro from BigCo, Inc.? A VP of Sales for $250k-$400k per year? And what about branding, lead generation, customer success, and everything else?

The solution:
Hire a revenue-generating team that's done this before. Beyond traditional Fractional CROs, we'll roll up our sleeves and make sure your systems are correct, your demand engine is ship-shape, and you are maximizing your revenue potential. Our solutions are designed to grow with you, and are tailored to your specific use-case. Examples include:

  • Optimizing The Ideal Customer Profile and Personas
  • Creating a forecast & systems aligned with your growth
  • Coach and manage your reps to their fullest potential
  • Refining your buyers journey to optimize win rate and ACV

Before you spend considerable time, money, and equity on an in-house revenue leader, given our proven leaders a try for a fraction (see what we did there?) of the cost.

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Your Customers Fuel Your Success

The challenge:
You've done a great job closing new business, but something is wrong. Lately, customers haven't been adopting the solution like you thought they would. And several have sent in cancellation notices. You feel like you don't have relationships with the people who control the budget, and, if you don't get a handle on this, you'll have to close twice as much new business to make up for the churn. Your CSMs are working their butts off, so effort isn't the issue. So what is?

The solution:
Many Customer Success organizations are too busy or have never been properly coached to build mutually strategic relationships with customers. As a result, they end up working with them at the most tactical levels -- product use and support. In some organizations, that may be enough, but when customers start to churn, it's a sign you are setting yourself up to be a vendor instead of a pertner. Our CS playbook has been honed by some of the leading voices in CS, and it is designed to reduce churn, increase adoption, and build long-term value with your customers:

  • Create a proactive workflow that prioritizes the most critical issues
  • Leverage mutual success plans to take pressure off renewals
  • Optimize sales handoff, implementation, and adoption phases
  • Architect a key account program drive executive engagement

It's no longer enough to provide excellent service. You need to anticipate customer needs and become an integral part of their business. We can show you how.

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Everything's Harder Without Leads

The challenge:
You've built a great product and have a handful of great champions using your solution. Everything seems to be on track to hit the gas and accelerate the growth of your business. Now you just need some leads. But you're not sure where to start, who to hire, or how to put a process together.

The solution:
Getting leads has never been more challenging. Decision-makers are inundated with countless options. But that doesn't mean there's not a way to stand out from the crown. Unlike many lead-generation systems, we're focused on putting a holistic, repeatable process in place. Our solutions include:

  • Creating an outbound process that works and gets results with or without SDRs
  • Leveraging LinkedIn to maximize reach
  • Optimizing your tech stack with the essentials for your stage
  • Providing dedicated lead-gen resources to get you to market FAST

Your work is too important to entrust to an agency that hasn't been there before. Let us take your pipeline growth to the next level.

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Our Process

Our playbook has been honed by decades of work in startups, leading VCs, and some of the largest PE firms in the world.

Step One: Discovery

Conduct personalized interviews with all stakeholders, coupled with our own expertise, to create a personalized action plan addressed to your specific business challenges

Step Four: Fractional Role Definition

At this stage, the consulting engagement has concluded, and clients often elect to have GTM.Consulting execute and oversee portions of the remediation plan. We'll define the role & success criteria that defines our ongoing work.

Step Two: Consulting Engagement

Execute the consulting project to the agreed upon deliverables, which may include training plans, customer journey packet, or coaching engagements.

Step Five: Step Five: Fractional Execution

The GTM.Team will execute to plan, reporting on success metrics to the executive stakeholder team. A typical engagement is six months, but may last indefinitely.

Step Three: Engagement Report & Recommendations

Deliver the personalized Engagement Report, which will include before & after states of the business, summary of findings, and remediation plans

Step Six: Continuity Planning

When the engagement plans, a final report and recommendations will be delivered. At this stage, the team may work with the client minimize any disruption.


Don't just take our word for it. We've worked with some of the leading technology companies and most promising founders in the world.

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Jeff Swearingen

CEO & Co-Founder, SecureLink

We absolutely would not have survived without Justin.

Exceptionally few people have the talent stack of tech, people, numbers, and sales, coupled with a strong ambition to learn. He is one in a million.

Nichole Lowe

CEO & Founder, Zoee

Justin has quickly distinguished himself as one of our most trusted advisors. I've been continually impressed by his ability to shift focus areas -- demand generation, revenue forecasting, content, customer success -- you name it. I can't recommend him enough as a holistic go-to-market resource for any organization.

Austin Emser

CEO & Co-Founder, Stylo

It took Justin all of about ten minutes to diagnose the key gaps in our enterprise sales process. Through his guidance, we developed an ROI-centric approach to sales that continues to pay dividends. He even built a Salesforce product integration for a large client demo -- what VP of Sales does that?? If you get a chance to work with Justin, take it. He is worth the hype.

Channing Moreland

CEO & Co-Founder, Eva

Justin designed a Go-To-Market plan for our artist marketplace. From our first conversation, we were immediately in sync. What struck me most about working with Justin was his ability to quickly arrive at insights it took us months to discover. Our primary regret is not working with him sooner.

Lindsey Scott

Head of Sales, Text IQ

Justin helped me navigate the start of my Head of Sales role and was a game-changer at helping me balance my professional & personal goals. I would walk out of each of our sessions feeling reconnected to my values with renewed focus on how to achieve my goals. He has an incredible way of relating to everyone, being magically disarming, asking tough questions, and...he's just fun to speak with. Anyone would be lucky to have him as a mentor or manager and I'm grateful to know I can call on him throughout my career.

About Us

A boutique SaaS firm combining fractional go-to-market expertise with consulting best practices, GTM.Consulting aims to be your one-stop shop for getting to the crucial next step in your company's journey.

About GTM.Consulting

GTM.Consulting was founded in 2022 to serve a lack of affordable options for software startup companies that actually solved real business problems. After a thorough review of the market, Principal Consultant Justin Strackany recongnized many consulting companies loved to give advice, but rarely rolled up their sleeves and worked shoulder-to-shoulder with their clients. Justin envisioned a new kind of firm -- one that could provide strategic advice across multiple disciplines, followed by work as a tactical resource to actually solve and implement the recommended solutions. Justin believes in "walking the walk", and GTM.Consulting is a reflection of that commitment.

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